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Welcome to the Edible Degree Show, LJMU BA Fine Art's 2021 Degree show. This show is an exhibition, not a website : an active experience of site specific work, not documentation of art on a website.


Based on the gaming and Netflix vocabularies that have dominated our consciousnesses over the last year, the show uses gaming technologies to allow the visitor to navigate though a warehouse full of old fridges. Each fridge contains a universe imagined by a graduating artist to contextualise their work, made in lockedown over the past year.


This info site contains a guide to the show, as a series of videos, selectors choices, along with all the artist websites to explore. 



Using a series of gaming tropes and dystopian imagery,  the show starts with a fly-down around a post-industrial landscape, with the visitor eventually being dropped in front of an abandoned warehouse, flyposted with exhibition posters and graffiti. 



You find 38 fridges scattered in an abandoned warehouse. As you approach a fridge it opens to reveal a world inside, imagined by one of the gradating artists as an environment to frame their work and lead to other works on their linked website.


Click on the camera icon to take pictures of your journey though the warehouse , fridges and unexpected worlds you find yourself in, to collect or post on social media.



See recommendations and prizes from artists, writers, curators and directors of the Tate Liverpool, Chisenhale Gallery, Liverpool Biennial and Bluecoat. Residency prizes from CBS, Bidson Observatory and The Royal Standard Studios.




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